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February 8-10, 2018 Washington Marriott Wardman Park 2660 Woodley Road NW Washington DC, 20008 USA




Our Mission and Purpose

Service to Nation.

To ensure the nation's security and global leadership by increasing the numbers of citizens pursuing STEM based educational and career paths.

Purpose and Goals of Stars and Stripes

*       Influence youth toward Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
*       Increase the numbers of underrepresented senior level officers and members of the SES
*       Increase public awareness of our military and blacks in the military
*       Support veteran transitions
*       Foster camaraderie

Our History

Each year US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine issues its scorecard of Black progress in the U.S. Armed Forces. The annual Top Blacks in the Military list spotlights flag-rank officers —admirals, generals and members of the federal Senior Executive Service. These men and women have shown courage under fire, wisdom and resourcefulness, and fidelity to their nation. Although Black officers make up less than six percent at the highest levels, there are more in the military’s top ranks compared to the percentage of Black executives on the highest rungs of corporate America.

Widely Attended Gatherings of Military, Students, and Employger

Stars and Stripes is one of the nation’s largest events honoring both active and retired African American admirals, generals and members of the Senior Executive Service. Each year the featured service of the Stars and Stripes event alternates between the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard and is determined on a rotating basis. The U.S. Navy will be the featured service of the 2016 Stars and Stripes event.

Our Leadership

Stars and Stripes Founders

»General (R) Johnnie Wilson

 »General (R) Lester Lyles

»Lt. General (R) Albert Edmonds

»Vice Admiral (R) Walter Davis

 »Lt. General (R) Joe Ballard

»Lt. General (R) Ronald Coleman

»Vice Admiral (R) Anthony Winns

»Rear Admiral (R) Stephen Rochon

»Major General (R) Leo Williams

»Major General (R) Ronald Johnson

»SES (R) William Brown

 »Rear Admiral (R) Anthony Watson

»Brigadier General (R) Velma Richardson

»Tyrone Deneen Taborn, Ph.D. (h.c)

Pressroom News

Senior Air Force Leaders Support STEM

Top Army Doctor Honored at Stars and Stripes

Army Surgeon Recognized at Stars and Stripes


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