Corporate Code!

  • Research the Company’s dress code. Know the difference between business and business casual.
  • Clothing should be professional, conservative and comfortable. Your apparel needs to be laundered, cleaned and pressed, if possible, the day before. Your clothes should not be a distraction for the interviewer.
  • Men should dress in a suit (black, navy or grey). The bottoms should be hemmed and the suit tailored. Wear a tie, preferably silk. Cotton tends to be casual. Novelty ties and loud prints should be avoided. White or blue button down dress shirt. Shirts with collar buttons are considered casual. Belts complete any look. Your belt and shoes should be made of the same material.
  • Women should wear pants or skirt suit (Navy, grey or black). Traditionally, skirts should be knee length, falling just above or below the knee. Clean shoes with a heel no higher than ¾ inch for comfort. Be prepared to walk just in case the Interviewer wants to take you on a tour. Make-up should be muted with neutral or natural shades. Undergarments should not be visible. Bring an extra set of stockings in case of an emergency.
  • Shoes should be clean and polished. Simple with not too many embellishments. Comfortable with a conservative heel height.
  • Any visible tattoos should be covered by clothing and concealer. Any visible piercings should be removed including tongue, nose and lip. Acceptable jewelry includes 1 ring per finger and a formal style watch. Stud earrings, pearls or a thin necklace. Avoid wearing too many earrings. One bracelet is acceptable and avoid anything that dangles or makes noise.
  • Be mindful of heavily scented perfume and cologne; choose a light fresh scent perfume. Although it is important to look and feel your best, it is also important not to offend the interviewer with strong scents.
  • Remember personal appearance speaks volumes. You are your brand and you are selling your specific skill base. Your appearance should not be a distraction.
  • A briefcase or portfolio can pull any look together. It is important to appear polished and well groomed. Make sure you have at least 2 working ink pens.
  • Leave your phone or tablet in the car or set the device on do not disturb.

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