Career Communications Group is a leader in workforce diversity, making us an obvious choice when most organizations consider their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) diversity initiative needs. We work with all types of organizations to help them promote multiculturalism in STEM fields. We do this through major national conferences, publications, and technology awareness programs.


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Our conferences are designed to help organizations thrive in the globally diverse work place. Each of these events has a purpose: to serve as a management tool that increases your organization’s capabilities of recruitment, retention, professional development and employee recognition. These elements are pivotal for maintaining your best human resources.


USBE&IT magazine | HE&IT magazine | Women of Color magazine

The development of STEM industries is integral to our country’s continued advancement. Our publications offer a blueprint for this advancement by highlighting all stages of the STEM pipeline; from the college student taking his first engineering courses to the senior executive managing the projects that will change the ways we live.

We celebrate extraordinary individuals whose career paths serve as inspirational templates; we collaborate with industry insiders to provide our readers with current information about STEM sectors; we contribute insight and advice about the current job horizon. Our features help these students and professionals navigate an ever-changing world. We introduce diverse perspectives. We are the voice of change.

Technology Awareness Programs (TAP)

The Technology Awareness Program (TAP) allows your employees to volunteer at local schools and community centers to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Our cutting-edge product, TAP-in-a-Box, shaped in part with the help of industry and government professionals, provides your company with all of the materials necessary to send a professional into a classroom for two hours each month for nine months and teach informative STEM lessons. These professionals not only will serve as educators to these students, but as positive role models that many of these students do not see in their communities.

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