Hispanic Engineer and Information Technology Fall Diversity and Careers Edition

CCG’s Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology (ISSN 1088-3452) is devoted to STEM opportunities for Hispanic Americans. It is bulk-mailed to universities and colleges nationwide and to Puerto Rico.

CCG promotes STEM as integral to global competitiveness and national advancement. Publications reach and engage diverse readers, exploring job markets and professional trends.


Print and digital distribution reaches 143 colleges and universities including HBCUs and HSIs, Deans of Engineering, and career centers. Combined, our magazines reach 67 percent of all enrolled STEM minority students and 8,000 professionals.

Magazine Circulation:

  • 15,000 readers at 143 institutions
  • 1,000 conferences
  • 324 paid subscribers and 31,934 digital readers

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Why Advertise?

  • 15,000 readers at 143 colleges and universities will see your message of opportunities an inclusion
  • 1000 conference bonus distributions
  • 324 paid subscribers
  • 31,934 Digital readers
  • Excellent medium to feature your organization's diversity outreach programs or message.
  • Build the pipeline of women in STEM by showcasing opportunities in your organization

Editorial Features

  • Opportunities in energy
  • STEM achievers and internships

Advertising Close Date: August 12, 2019



Upcoming Events:

Women of Color STEM Conference
October 3-5, 2019
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BEYA STEM Conference
February 7-9, 2019

Washington, DC

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