Interview Tips

  • Search the company website to learn about what they do and the job. Familiarize yourself with their mission statement. Be familiar with the job you are applying for and be prepared with reasons why your experiences make you the best candidate for the job. Be prepared with 3-4 follow up questions about the company or job.
  • Clean up your Social Media sites. Employers may look beyond your work references to determine whether you are a good fit for their company. Now is a good time to go through your public information and make sure it won’t raise any red flags.
  • Rehearsing your answers to typical interview questions will help to make you feel comfortable during the interview. Be prepared with your professional goals and how the job for which you are interviewing fits into those goals.
  • Dress Professionally. If you don’t know the company dress code, assume professional dress. A conservative hair style, make up and jewelry are encouraged for interviews. For more tips on appropriate dress, see the Corporate Code section.
  • Plan on arriving 15 minutes before your interview time. Research the route so that you will have an estimation on how long it may take for you to arrive at the location. Do you know where to park? What building or floor is your interview is on? What is the name and contact information of the person interviewing you? Having this knowledge will ensure you make a good impression by arriving on time and ready for your interview!
  • Make a positive first impression with nonverbal cues. Make eye contact, smile and sit up straight. Introduce yourself with a firm, confident handshake. These non-verbal clues can have a big impact on making a good first impression.
  • Know your resume and use experiences listed on your resume to support why you are the best candidate for the job. If you do not have prior work experience, pull experiences from school, volunteer, clubs, and any other opportunities you are involved with.
  • Stay calm and take a moment to think about the questions you are being asked. Feel free to seek clarification on a question. Make sure you are paying attention and listening to the entire question before you answer.
  • Be prepared and bring a few copies of your resume and references with you. Bing a pen and notepad for taking notes.
  • Send a follow up thank you note. Make sure to get a copy of your interviewer’s business card or their contact information before you leave. Sending a “thank you” note reiterates your interest in the position and goes a long way to making you a memorable candidate.

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