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About the Awards

We introduced our employee recognition program in 1987 at a time when the Department of Labor issued its Workforce 2000 report that predicted a shortage of skilled work force by the year 2000 based on the growing demand for skilled workers while the supply declined due to demographic shifts and the aging workforce. The face of the new workforce would primarily be women, racial and ethnic minority groups and immigrants. Since then the publication of Workforce 2020 painted an even bleaker picture as the retirement of Baby Boomers from the workforce accelerates.

Studies and surveys by Watson & Wyatt, the U.S. Department of Labor, Gallop, KPMG, and others show a strong correlation between employee recognition and retention. A Watson & Wyatt study revealed a 13 percent lower turnover rate for employers who had a clear strategy than those who did not. The U.S. Department of Labor cites lack of appreciation as the number-one reason employees leave their jobs.

Our awards are designed to achieve the following objectives:
  • Create a network of role models who can serve as inspiration to others
  • Help senior leadership in companies identify exceptional talent
  • Promote better access of women and ethnic minority groups to STEM careers by showing them what it takes to get hired, and to keep moving upward in their organizations
  • Help organizations promote and publicize the successes of women with the same intensity as male employees
  • Help organizations cultivate engaged employees
  • Raise the profile of organizations as employers of choice among women, racial and ethnic minority groups.
The CCG STEM Recognition Programs offer employers multiple opportunities annually to seek out the exemplary STEM employees and their mentors or champions for recognition for their achievements. The recognition bestowed on this underrepresented group of the STEM workforce is designed, not for the individual, but for the collective potential STEM workforce of the future who will be the drivers of this country’s economic engine.

Why nominate?

  • Allows you to keep your "A" players
  • Your employees see your commitment to minority communities and workplace diversity
  • Your company receives recognition also
  • Gives your company competitive edge when you recruit for new hires
  • The nomination process gives your managers a reality check on your talent diversity and quality
  • Nomination creates inter-company awareness of exemplary accomplishments
  • Nominating your employees serves as an inspiration to others
  • Show your company's appreciation
  • Demonstrate to your employees that diversity is a business imperative
What's in it for your employees?
  • Helps your managers evaluate the quality of your workforce
  • Participating in the nomination process is a tool to avoid overlooking minorities
  • Employees will feel better about the companies they work for when external recognition opportunities exist
  • Promotions of those nominated
  • Morale boost
  • Self-gratification about the achievement and the public recognition
  • Nominees are often inspired to mentor other people
  • The nomination gives your employees a platform for your ideas and ideals
  • Award recipients and nominees are widely respected, and well-known long-after the award

What makes us different?
  • Employer Value Proposition is tangible and measurable
  • Awards are granted for all stages of the career progression– from student through senior executives
  • Our awards are inclusive not exclusive
  • Our awards are peer reviewed
  • Level of audience that attend the awards venue is generally the senior leadership of organizations
  • If you are nominated, you are already a winner. All nominees receive a certificate of achievement, not just the winner
  • Integrity of the process: You earn it — nothing is given to you
  • We are viewed as the academy award of STEM


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