Career Communications Group, Inc
Application Checklist

Each nomination package should also include the following items in the same order as indicated below. We do not accept faxed or copies of nomination packages. If submitting online, you must combine all the components below into one file. Packages that are not in the format below will be returned to the nominator.

1. Cover Page

    a. This should contain the conference name and year; name and title of the nominee, nominee’s organization’s name, and the award category.
2. Table of Content
    a. Lists all of the items below and the page numbers where each item begins.
3. Cover letter / Reason for nomination
    a. The first document of the nomination package should be a one or two page letter by the nominator, clearly stating why the candidate is being nominated. Please be aware that the higher the level of the nominator, the greater the impact. The letter should spell out why the candidate should be recognized in the selected award classification. It should discuss as well the impact of the candidate’s contributions to the company and give some idea of the value to society of the candidate’s performance, on and off the job.
4. Nomination form (writable PDF)

5. Current biographies or resume
    a. The panel looks for a career path. They also look for important technical break-troughs.
    b. The nominee’s biography is considered the most important part of a nominee’s nomination package. This is the point where all crucial decisions, career changes, community involvement, etc. should be concisely detailed in a one to two page document. Carefully select high points that truly show the nominee’s talents, leadership skills, and various innovations.
6. Full job description or curriculum vitae
    a. The panel may know nothing about the candidate’s field. They look for a job description that explains his or her work experience. Why is it important? Is it groundbreaking? The job description should distinguish the nominee.
7. Organizational Chart
    a. Who is the candidate? How important is he or she within the organization? An organizational chart should give the selection panel an idea of where the nominee fits within his or her department and organization.
8. Papers and articles by and about the nominee
    a. The selection panel respects research. Because it is very unlikely that the selection panel will have time to read the material, we have asked nominators to enclose a brief summary highlighting the main points of each article.
9. Letters of recommendation
    a. Although the selection panel will not penalize candidates without letters of recommendation, letters from a well-placed person can mean a lot. Letters from others outside the organization, who know about outside activities or about the value of the person’s contributions in the field, are also helpful.
10. Other significant supporting materials (i.e. patents, awards, academic record, etc.)
    a. The panel will be looking for personal history information explaining the candidate’s background, struggles and achievements, awards or certificates received, patents received or pending.
11. CD containing an electronic copy of the complete nomination package (include digital photograph in separate file). Submit only if applying by mail.

12. Recent color photograph. Acceptable formats include the following:
    a. Color or black & white photographs — maximum size 8”x10”; minimum size 5”x7”
    b. Digital photographs — High-resolution only. Minimum 300 dpi resolution. EPS, JPEG, or TIFF format. Minimum size 5”x7”. Please DO NOT send photos in Microsoft Word or in PowerPoint. Save files as "firstname_lastname.filetype.” such as John_Smith.jpg
    c. DO NOT send inkjet printouts of photos


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