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Selection Criteria


There are two groups of awards granted at our conferences. The peer-reviewed (PR) awards are extensive and go through the rigor of a selection panel review to determine which candidates are granted awards. We recommend that you pay close attention to the selection criteria for each of the award categories. The selection panel will not review incomplete applications. Also, make sure that you follow the checklist before submitting your application.

The second group of award applications, the outstanding achievement awards (OAA), require less preparation and are employer recommendations for the candidate to receive an award. These applications are not subjected to review by a selection panel. Note that the deadline for this group of award is after the deadline for the peer-reviewed applications. 

What Helps Determine a Winner?

In all categories of peer-reviewed awards, letters of recommendation from managers and executives within the hierarchy of the nominee's place of employment weigh heavily in the committee's consideration of the impact of the nominee's achievements. 

Descriptions of the scope of the nominee's responsibilities, effect of the achievements on the company or facility, breadth of community outreach activities, and effect on other minorities seeking science and technology careers are very important. 

Letters describing responses by community leaders and other interested parties to the nominee's activities and achievements also will be considered.


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