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2018 Black Engineer of the Year 2017 Scientist of the Year 2018 Technologist of the Year
Alicia Boler Davis
Executive Vice President,
Global Manufacturing
General Motors

Ernest Smiley
Chief Data Scientist
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
Donna L. Bell
Director, Research Operations
Research & Advanced Engineering
Greenfield Labs, Palo Alto, CA
Ford Motor Company

2018 BEYA Recipients
2018 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2018 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2018 STEM Innovators
2018 Women of Color Awards
2018 Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2017 BEYA Recipients
2017 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2017 Emerald Honors Recipients
2017 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2017 STEM Innovators
2017 Women of Color Awards
2017 Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2016 BEYA Recipients
2016 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2016 Emerald Honors Recipients
2016 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2016 Women of Color Awards
2016 Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2015 BEYA Recipients
2015 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2015 Emerald Honors Recipients
2015 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2015 Women of Color Awards
2015 Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2014 BEYA Recipients
2014 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2014 Emerald Honors Recipients
2014 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2014 Women of Color Awards
2014 Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2013 BEYA Recipients
2013 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2013 Emerald Honors Recipients
2013 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2013 Women of Color Awards
2013 Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2012 BEYA Recipients
2012 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2012 Emerald Honors Recipients
2012 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2012 Women of Color Awards
2012Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2012 Top Women in Retail and Finance
2011 BEYA Recipients
2011 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2011 Emerald Honors Recipients
2011 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2011 Women of Color Awards
2011Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2011 Top Women in Retail and Finance
2010 BEYA Recipients
2010 Modern-Day Technology Leaders
2010 Emerald Honors Recipients
2010 Science Spectrum Trailblazers
2010 Women of Color Awards
2010Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2010 Top Women in Retail and Finance
2009 BEYA Recipients
2009 Modern-Day Technology Leaders

2009 Women of Color Awards
2009Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars
2008 BEYA Recipients
2008 Modern-Day Technology Leaders

2008 Women of Color Awards
2008Technology All-Stars and Rising Stars

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