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Preparing the Application

Online Application

There are two ways to apply: Online or by Mail. Select the Apply Online Application button on this page or download Nomination Packet Getting Started
  • Embrace the nomination process as something that is valuable
  • Enlist senior executives and employee resource groups
  • Send out a call for nomination within your organization
  • Create an internal review group to select the candidates for whom your organization will submit nomination packages

What is required to complete the nomination package?
  • Determine who in your organization should be considered as a nominee. For maximum impact, we suggest:
    • Discuss potential candidates for an award category with your nomination team
    • Give everyone involved a copy of the nomination packet or links to this website
    • Solicit nomination recommendation from your nomination team
  • Use the information on the Award Categories tab to select the appropriate award for the candidate
  • Collect the items required for the nomination package. See the Nomination Checklist
  • If applying online, combine the items on the Nomination Checklist into a single PDF file with each section appearing in the same order as the Checklist
  • If applying by mail, combine the items on the Nomination Checklist with each section appearing in the same order as the Checklist and bind in a three-ring binder or other packaging that allows for easy copying
  • Submit your application for receipt on or before the deadline

Other Information
  • Applications that are incomplete, that are missing items from the Nomination Checklist may be rejected by the selection committee
  • Self-nominations are not accepted
  • Nominators should take extra care ensuring that nominee contact information (including name and current title) is current
  • Nominators should provide his/her current contact information to facilitate notifications and other communication
Need Help of Have Questions?

We understand that the process can seem overwhelming. We are here to help with any questions or concerns that comes your way in preparing your employee nomination package. Please direct any questions you have to your account manager or submit them online to


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