The CCG Alumni Association considers the escalating scale of cyber warfare one of the most challenging threats to the nation.  Even more threatening to national security is the small pipeline of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) professionals who can meet government and industry workforce needs.

 Securing America by increasing the STEM pipeline is the mission of the Diversity Careers in Cybersecurity symposium.


Easily the most-anticipated diversity event of the year, BEYA STEM Conference is a talent-rich environment for recruitment, networking and professional development. In attendance are college representatives and thousands of elite professionals and students from across the country who represent the upper echelon of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and careers.

The fields of expertise represented at this conference are as diverse as the men and women who attend.

The Women of Color (WOC) STEM Conference recognizes outstanding women in the STEM fields. It provides excellent opportunities for professional development, networking, and recruiting. CCG’s Women of Color Magazine is the host.

The conference is focused on the development of STEM women and ensures that the superior achievements and importance of these outstanding women in STEM are highly visible to all conference participants.

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