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JobMatch Service

CCG JobMatch specializes in the recruitment and placement of STEM professionals and  interns. Partnering with CCG JobMatch allows you to tap into our extensive pipeline of STEM talent.

» JobMatch

Our JobMatch program is available to new and existing clients. The JobMatch service is ideal for sponsors who have exhausted their allotted JobMatch Lite candidates and for companies who are looking for a guaranteed hire at any point during the year.

» JobMatch Lite

JobMatch Lite is a value-add service available to existing corporate sponsors at no additional cost. JobMatch Lite entitles you to 1 qualified candidate for everyone $10,000 spent with us in sponsorship

How it works

  • Complete the Jobs Intake Form
  • We'll contact you to discuss your needs and then send you several potential candidates
  • You review the resumes and let us know which candidates you want to follow up with
  • We'll work with you and the candidate from setting up the interview to finalizing the offer



About Our Candidates

The candidates in our resume database are largely minority STEM candidates. They attend our two annual conferences, the Women of Color STEM Conference - every October and the BEYA STEM conference - every February. These events attract the very best STEM students with over 70 percent having 3.0 or better GPA! They major in high-demand areas including computer science, computer information systems, chemical and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and biotechnology.

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JOBMatch :: Placing Stem Interns and Profession



JOBMatch :: Placing Stem Interns and Professionals