The InTouch Network is About:

STEM Education
Make a measurable impact on the availability and development of qualified engineers and scientists

Business Collaboration
Share your experience and resources to enable others to optimize their skills to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment

Networking Opportunities
Help each other to improve our opportunities for success by sharing your experience and resource information regarding business and career opportunities

Professional Development
Mentor-promising peers

Policy Advocacy
Take a proactive position on issues of concern to the STEM communities

Enhancing the STEM Image
Convey to our young people the exciting work that STEM professionals do.

Our Story

During an August 2003 meeting of the working committee in Chicago, a group of BEYA developed the outline of what the direction of a then-alumni association would be as they worked to create an organization with a purpose and a timely impact. The members of the association would be the individuals who received awards at one of our conferences. We worked to narrow the focus to items of priority interest that would enable us to achieve measurable results. Today, we broaden membership of the organization to include those who have experienced the work we do with our events and conferences.


The mission of the InTouch Network is aligned with that of Career Communications Group, Inc., to help further the purpose for which the concept was developed. The vision is Networking, Connecting, and Growing the STEM Community.

The InTouch Network is committed to creating tools to enhance opportunities for success in the STEM community

When you join the InTouch network and community, you will strengthen your relationships with incredible men and women who have received recognition for their contributions to the STEM community. You will gain access to an impressive network of professionals, career development resources, and the inspiration that comes with being part of this focused community.

Join the community that will explore and develop a host of exciting programs that will strengthen our communities, educate our youth, and communicate new career possibilities to those who need hope for the future.


Membership Benefits

Alumni & Reunion Conference
BEYA STEM Conference
WOC STEM Conference
Diversity Solutions
On Campus
Technology Awareness Program

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