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Job Readiness Certification Program

Fast Track is a two-day program at each conference where each participant may complete 16 of the 20 training hours required for certification. This includes four core courses and one elective. Participants may complete the remaining four hours online within 30 days before or after the conference. Once the 16 hours are completed, participants will be pre-certified and eligible to be placed on the interview schedule.

Normal Track will be our normal DIEL program. It is a one and one half day program that offers the opportunity to complete up to 8.5hrs at each conference. There is a one-hour break to attend the career fair when all 8.5hrs are to be completed. In the normal track, students may opt to complete the certification through online webinars.


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Certified Students
The interview scheduling for certified begins in October and runs through early February. All interviews will take place at the BEYA STEM Conference for the fall certified sophomores seeking internships and any juniors or seniors still seeking placement. Additional interviews will take place on a case-by-case basis and by telephone. 


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JOBMatch :: Placing Stem Interns and Professionals