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WOC Program


The Women of Color conference offers innovative and professional workshops, top-notch programming and award ceremonies designed to engage, stimulate and educate all participants.

Quantum Leadership Leap Seminar Series

This program is designed to build on critical leadership and professional workplace acumen in women executives and aims to increase values, skills, and the capacity to lead and thrive in uncertain times. The courses utilize microlearning strategies that provide an experiential learning journey to build knowledge in a short time period.  At this conference you have the ability to access 21 hours of leadership development training. Each track offers 5 hours of leadership development divided into 1 hour, 15-minutes segments, plus six 45-minute micro-learning sessions.

Magnify Your Identity Track

In this track, STEM professionals will have the opportunity to see the relationship between identity and the ability to lead, learn, and grow. Professionals will learn how self-awareness, self-confidence, and acceptance impact every aspect of the executive climb. Through this track you will also increase your sense of personal fulfillment through peer mentoring and strategic relationships.

Join us as we break limiting beliefs, skyrocket our capacity to achieve greatness, and reset to rise.

Lead Through Influence Track

Power: a word that for many holds a myriad of meanings, both positive and negative. Too often, our early encounters with power shape and influence our perceptions and, over time, these experiences, projections, and occurrences have formed our image of what it means to be powerful. Through this track, the STEM professional will explore strategies to effectively utilize influence and power to increase buy-in, promote collaboration, and boost effective communication within their organization.

Innovate and Disrupt with Organizational Strategy Track

Change is inevitable, but growth is a decision. As a professional of today, this phrase rings with more truth than ever, and as novelist, Alan Watts, wrote, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” Through this track, the STEM professional will learn how to identify, analyze, and discuss emerging trends in technology and will develop their own tools and strategies to effectively deal with change and adversity in their organizations.

Global Health Security Leadership Learning Track

We are all front-row witnesses to the difficulty of tackling a global health crisis in our own country from unused pandemic plans to confusing communication. At present, more than 70% of the world remains underprepared to prevent, detect, and respond to a 21st-century public health emergency. Global health security and leadership is about increasing the capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to health threats.

Optimize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workforce Track

Today, there are more than 320 million people in The United States of America. This means that at any one moment, 320 million unique stories, perspectives, and experiences are being written, shared, and expressed. But are we listening? The conversation of diversity, equity, and inclusion presents a unique opportunity for today’s organizations. As the world continues to expand and markets continue to grow, so must we. In this track, STEM professionals will examine how diversity, equity, and inclusion impacts business outcomes and influences organizational culture.


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are offered at the Women of Color STEM Conference. The conference’s CEU/PDH program is offered through the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at Morgan State University (MSU).

The Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at MSU, a historically black institution, has the unique designation as Maryland’s Public Urban University. It currently has the Carnegie Classification of Doctoral, Professional Dominant Institution, reflecting a commitment to academic excellence. The mission of the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies is to serve the lifelong educational needs of traditional and non-traditional students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, professional, and personal growth.

MSU is an accredited academic institution both offering CEUs and PDHs and sponsoring activities for CEUs/PDHs for university departments and organizations in the State of Maryland and across the nation. The Center for Continuing and Professional Studies is the authorized unit at the institution responsible for awarding, administering, and reviewing CEU/PDH procedures to ensure compliance with established criteria.

Education program participants at the Women of Color STEM Conference earn one CEU for every 10 hours spent in a CEU-eligible event. Alternatively, participants may earn 10 PDHs through participation in a minimum of 10 PDH-eligible events.

How to Participate:

  1. Pick up a packet at the registration kiosk or the Morgan State University table.
  2. Print your name on each attendance form located in the program packet.
  3. Sign the attendance roster for each eligible event that you attend.
  4. All CEU/PDH certificates will be mailed to participants within six weeks of the conference.

Certificate of Participation

We offer certificates of course hours completed for those who simply want to keep a record of their continued learning and professional development. Of course, you may also want to share them with your boss to keep her or him abreast of your efforts to grow in your career.

Certificates will be made available for download in the Attendee Service Center after the conference. Your attendance is tracked when you scan in and out of the seminars and workshops. Be sure to scan your name badge so that your certificate record reflects your attendance.

Tech Talks

The World Is Counting on Us: Reset to Rise

It's our time to lead a generation of women to own the importance and the necessity of their contributions to the collective success of our families, our communities, our workplaces, our nation, and the global community in which we live.

The Tech talks presented at WOC draws attention to the varied experiences of women at key points in their STEM career journey. It unveils the contrast between their universal experiences, and the uniqueness of each career trajectory. The Women of Color Tech talks serves to inform women of their options, and to remind them that they matter, that staying the course matters in measurable ways to our collective success.

Tech Talk Venue

Women Empowered to Engage

Thursday, October 8, 7:00 PM

Networking Events

Networking is an important aspect of attending any conference. Women of Color STEM Conference is no different and offers several venues for attendees to exchange ideas, reconnect with fellow attendees, and forge new connections. Although we offer venues to facilitate networking, the savvy conference attendee networks at every opportunity, both in-person and online.

Alumnae Welcome Reception

Thursday, October 8 -7:00 PM

The TCF Center

Women Empowered to Engage ---An Evening of Empowerment

Thursday, October 8 -7:00 PM

The TCF Center

Professional Networking Mixers

Friday, October 5:15 - 6:30 PM

The TCF Center

Women of Color Closing Reception 

Saturday, October 5 – 10:00 PM

The TCF Center

Recognition Events

The best barometer of success is the recognition we receive from our superiors and our peers. Recognition at the Women of Color STEM Conference is one of a three-prong approach (training, recruitment, and recognition) to helping employers retain their women employees working in STEM fields.

Three events throughout the conference showcase the extraordinary accomplishments of a diverse body of women who triumph over adversity, often very early in their journey. Their stories are an integral part of the conference and serve the vital roles of reaffirming, rejuvenating, and modeling the limitless possibilities for women who stay the course.

Recognition categories range from the competitive peer-reviewed awards to awards based on recommendations from employers. Employer recommended awards for outstanding achievement in the workplace are given at the lunch on Friday. The awards given on Saturday are judged and ranked by a panel of peers.

Technology Recognition Lunch 

Friday, October 8, Noon – 2:15 PM

TCF Center Hall A&B, Level 2

Breakfast with Leaders and Legends 

Saturday, October 10, 8:15 – 10:00 AM

TCF Center Hall A&B, Level 2

Women of Color Awards Gala and Dinner 

Saturday, October 10, 7:00 – 9:30 PM 

TCF Center Hall A&B, Level 2

Sponsors and Co-Hosts

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