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Global Health Security Leadership Learning Track

A message from the lead instructor

" There is no doubt these are challenging and troubling times for our generation. But as other generations have done time and time again, we, too, will find that great spirit to reset and rise. That is why I am pleased to serve as the Chairman of the new Global Health Security Leadership Learning Track at the 2020 Women of Color STEM Conference.

To get through this we must understand what we are dealing with. And this is so new we are learning something every day. That’s why the Global Health Security Leadership Learning Track is so important. This is a comprehensive, intensive program designed for the layman to seasoned professionals from all careers. The Women of Color STEM Conference Global Health Security Leadership Track help us gain new insights and perspectives to lead and manage global teams."

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Course Information

Course Objectives

  • Analyze the system of global health security challenges that impact minority, women, and other marginalized groups
  • Analyze and contribute to a global strategy to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion across top Global Health Security Fields

Course Modules

  • SMART Leadership: Using Decision Science to Adapt to Global Challenges
  • Global Health Leadership: Redefining Our Values Post Pandemic
  • People & Perspectives Best Practices for Managing Pandemics, People and Processes
  • Inside & Out: Building a Communication Strategy During Crisis


This course is geared towards mid-career professionals, executives, and diversity leaders in goverment, academia & industry.


  • Develop new skills and gain the knowledge needed to grow your career and influence during and post COVID-19
  • Learn to lead and more effectively manage global teams facing challenges

    Diversity Leaders

  • Develop a universal framework to identify opportunities in fast-changing times
  • Learn to leverage your skills, knowledge and influence to nurture innovative and disruptive work environments

    Executive Leadership

  • Develop unique approaches and frameworks that allow you to navigate complex industries
  • Learn to develop business strategies that create and capture value when norms are shifting
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