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Diversity Solutions
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Diversity Solutions

CCG offers a suite of services designed to fulfill the needs of our partners. They include conferences, publications, and technology awareness programs for outreach. The technology awareness programs fulfill corporate philanthropic and employee volunteerism needs as well as k-12 STEM pipeline development. 


The conferences offer venues that enhance employee retention through recognition; build employee skills through professional development workshops; fill hiring needs, and impact an organization’s visibility among the diversity talent pool. They also offer venues that highlight an organization’s visibility to the diversity talent pool. 

The BEYA STEM Conference 

The Women of Color STEM Conference


The publications offer a blueprint for continued growth and success in STEM fields by highlighting progress, and people at all stages of the STEM pipeline; from the college student taking his first engineering courses to the senior executive managing the projects that will change the ways we live. Our publications impact retention, recruitment, recognition and visibility by highlighting achievement within the diversity community and by offering a venue for employers to get their message of inclusion to the diversity talent pool. 

US Black Engineer & Information Technology 

Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology 

Women of Color Magazine 

Technology Awareness Program (TAP)

TAP provides corporate sponsors with a turnkey program that enables them to advance the value of technology to African-American, Hispanic, and Native American communities. The programs are comprised of content designed for audiences from kindergarten through 12th grade and includes their parents and extended families. TAP enables companies to augment their public image among minorities by extending their outreach efforts into those communities and to begin building the pipeline of future STEM talent. 


CCG Placement Service identifies, recruit, train, and place college students with our client under contract. [CCG handles skills evaluation, preliminary interviewing, coaching, mentoring, and also certification....] CCG Placement Services offer this service on a retainer fee plus placement fee basis. We will assure that each intern placed with an employer is a success by organizing frequent, local mentoring meet-ups with CCG alumni. 


Workforce Solutions

The workforce solutions that we offer ensures that an organization’s diversity talent needs are addressed on a four-pronged approach: 

  1. Recognition and Retention 
  2. Career Development 
  3. Recruitment 
  4. Pipeline Development 


World Class Talent

World class talent and  CCG go hand-in-hand simply because our products are designed to serve the needs of the diversity talent pool at every stage of their STEM career journey.

  • Attract the best talent by showcasing yours
  • Enrich your diversity talent at our networking venues
  • Access venues that offer talent development
  • Connect top employer with talent!

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