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The development of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers is integral to America's advancement. Career Communications Group publications--US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine, Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology magazine and Women of Color magazine--offer a blueprint for continued growth and success in STEM fields by highlighting progress and people at all stages of the STEM pipeline; from the college student taking his first engineering courses to the senior executive managing the projects that will change the ways we live

We celebrate extraordinary individuals whose career paths serve as inspirational templates; we collaborate with industry insiders to provide our readers with current information about STEM sectors, and we contribute insight and advice about the current job horizon. Our features help students and professionals navigate an ever-changing world. We introduce diverse perspectives. We are the voice of change.




US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine

Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology magazine


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Information for Freelancers
You can join our team of freelancers and contributing writers. If you are interested, submit your story suggestion. We’ll contact you if your story idea is approved. We use the Associated Press style guide for our publications; however, there are some situations where our Career Communications Group (CCG) style guide supersedes the AP style guide.

You don't need to be a freelance writer to be part of our editorial outreach. We welcome story suggestions from our readers as well. Send us your story suggestions today!

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